Saturday, March 6, 2010

room or library? which 1 is better 4 study..

woWWW..library or your room??which one is better for study??

actually it depends on that particular person where is the most suitable place to study..

however..if you are lucky enough to have a quiet place at home or your room to study you really can’t beat it..

belajar di bilik pon ok jugak sebab korang ada meja yg best, lepas tu korang boleh study sambil tengok tv atau makan jajan..korang boleh jugak tidur atau pergi tandas suka2 hati

Studying is most effective wherever you can be most comfortable for a sustained period of time. You want to maintain concentration so you can absorb information most effectively..hehe

Personally I get distracted by the library with people walking about, coughing(uhuk pon saya nak tulis..hehe), people being stressed out, etc.

To me, at home or room, is a very consistent, efficient environment with the least distraction, and I love that I can control the temperature, lighting, etc. I have a huge problem concentrating, but I love studying at my room!!!. I can keep all my heavy books at room on my shelf!

so...kesimpulannya..korang punya suka lah nak study kat mana mana pun..kalau saya suka study di library la bagus tapi x boleh bawak LAPTOP!huhu(kalau x bawak pun saya pergi online guna pc kat library jugak..hahaha)



luna_e said...

sebnanye kalo empunye diri tu dah malas kan, blajaq dekat library ke bilik ke same jerk....kualiti dan input die

YAtiE HayAti said...

yolah..hehe angah cmna nk bg lawa lg blog ni?