Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why men don’t listen, women can’t read maps?

I borrowed this book from the library, and I started reading it at
night before I sleep.. I find it very useful because it explaining about the
‘chemical’*chemistry* reactions of men and women’s it interesting??:)..

but there is some other things I want to comment about this book..(mengomen je keje die..ngehngeh)

actually..this book is very funny and interesting for me when it explains why most men and women behave differently in most of the time, and in most situations..and sometimes we don’t understand why it soooooo hard to understand women..and why it soooooo difficult to understand men behavior..(me too don’t understand them..~~~)

did you ever wonder why women can brush their teeth while walking and talking on various subjects while men find this very difficult to do ??

Why 99% of all husbands hate shopping ??

Why women can talk on phone for more than an hour without stopping and lack of topics ??

The answer is because men and women are different..

Scientists shows that the way our brains are wired and the hormones pulsing through our bodies are the two factors that large dictate, long before we are born, how we will think and behave. Our instincts are simply our genes determining how our bodies will behave in given sets of circumstances. In fact, men and women have profound brain differences and are intrinsically inclines to act in distinct ways-author

But…after I read from page to pages..i found that this book is ridiculous..why???

It takes gender stereotypes..
It seeks to do nothing but prop up women's egos at the expense of men's, along the lines of ..

"you women are so sophisticated and advanced, and appear even more so when standing next to men who are all stuck in the Stone Age".

Actually I like this statement!!!hehehe

But after I read again and again..i found that….

Although how much you love the person you live with.. sometimes their behaviour can drive you mad!is it right?..(yeah..right..hehe)

This book explains why your man/woman is the way he/she is…

It was simply brilliant!!!very interesting, informative and humorous all at the same time…

Once I had started to read, I found it difficult to put down this book and on many occasions I laughed out loud…hehe ( roommate pun pelik tengok..hehe)

Then.. I have finally come to understand that I can't expect my partner to be the same as me and if he does things that annoy me I realize now that it's not his fault - it's just the way his brain is wired!!

I'm sure now I will realize that he is not being ignorant if I talk to him when he is reading the paper and he ignores me, it's just that he can't hear me! (I don’t know who is he that I just mention because I don’t have any guy yet..hihi:P)

We all agree that men and women are different but now you can find the real reasons why men can't communicate as women do and why women do perfectly logical things that they understand but men find confusing and frustrating..

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