Thursday, March 25, 2010

tips for presentation..(cara saya..hehe)


Rasa macam dah lama je x update blog nih..

I’ve been really busy prepare material n slide for my presentation and report two rows in a day..fuhhh..

What a hectic day…huhu..

And I do it well today!!!i like it!!yeyey:P because I can answer the question from lecturer..i present fluently with proper voice and smiley face..hehehehe there is several of my friend tell me that my pronunciation is very good n they love to hear my presentation…wowowo…boleh buat fans club..hehe:P

The truth is.. i really don’t like to do assignment..:(

what I really enjoy in doing a group project is when I present something or talk in front of people..

although I am as another normal person who had the NERVOUS feeling..

This picture is just one of my presentation but the other one I forgot to give my camera (my darling..hehe) to snap our group picture..

Tapi sedih jugak apasal la part saya present gambar jadi goyang goyang..nak salahkan orang yang tangkap gambar itu kah????huhuhu(selalu saya tangkap gambar x pernah goyang pon..!!!nak marah orang yang tangkap ni..huarggghhh..)

Semua gambar pun goyang..hish..lain kali kena timer sendiri la nampaknya..huhu tapi dari tadi try upload gambar presentation tapi x keluar pun gambarnye after click DONE..huhuhu

this is the tips to be a good presenter...~~~~

1)make sure u know everything about what u r going to present..
(do research!!!!)

2)tell the audience what u r going to deliver to them..
(briefing la sikit..)

3)a picture tells a story
(pandai pandai la korang mencantikkan slide sendiri..:P)

4)do rehearsal..
(practise la depan cermin ke depan kawan kawan ke..depan kucing ke..hehe)

5)learn to navigate..
(learn how to make the slide more professional or more convenience..)

6)always have your plan B..
(lu pikirla sendiri..hahaha)

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